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Home Missions

Church Planting has always been part of the WPBA’s vision.

In the 80/90’s there was a vibrant committee that dealt with church planting they called themselves the Extension Fund Committee. In the last 5 years the work of this committee was taken over by the Mission committee. Their first line of action was to refocus the emphasis of Church Planting and see it as Home Missions.

The work of the Church Planter the conditions and circumstances under which the incumbent works is very much that of a Missionary on home ground. The Missions Committee therefore provides the same support and care for the Church Planter as a Home Missioner as it would for a Missionary that is ministering in a Foreign Country.

Unlike a Missionary who is allowed to seek support from churches and whoever wants to support their ministry. The Church Planter cannot appeal for funding from all our churches. His support from the local church that he is leading oft times is not financial strong enough to provide a liveable stipend. The WPBA appeals to its family of church to giving a tithe towards its ministry. From this support each of our Church Planters receives an honorarium that goes towards his monthly stipend.

Church Planters support

Up until the AGM in May 2011 – 45 Churches were giving to the WPBA. A decision was taken at the AGM in May that receipts would be sent to every church that is part of the WPBA in acknowledgement of their giving. By June 2011 -10 new churches started giving to the WPBA.

More church have now joined in giving to support of the ministry of the Church Planters

There are more new church Planters that come on board and needs to be supported. If you feel the need to support a Church Planter you are welcome to view our Contact Us icon. All our details are available we would love to hear from you. Thank you and God Bless.


1. Barcelona Baptist Fellowship – Nyanga East (Julius Bonani)

Receive a stipend contribution from WP
Julius planted the church and is now serving as the minister. He has built up a strong network of supporters due to his involvement with running an AIDS ministry for affected and infected orphan children.The congregation has not grown too much neither has the income of the church grown.

2. Brentwood Park Community Fellowship – R300 Corridor (Mark Bowler)

Receive a stipend contribution from WPBA.
This is a second work that Mark has planted beside the Word of Faith fellowship. He started the work and is now pastoring the work. The work has grown and has a good number of members and is involved in various other ministry emphases. But the fellowship is not able to raise enough to support Mark.

3. Ekuphumleni Baptist Fellowship – Samora Michal (Stephen Bantu)

Receive a stipend contribution from WPBA
This work was started by the Rocklands church about 20 years ago Steven has been there almost as long. The work split and he was left with a few people. In the last three years EAT Africa became involved through Robert Haupt. They built a chapel that can seat about 100 there has been some growth since a student pastor has come on board. But with Steven now in his 70’s everything is done at a snail’s pace.

4. Greenfields Baptist Church – Paarl East (Eugene Zwaan)

Receive a stipend contribution from WPBA
Eugene started this work in a RDP house that was acquired in Greenfields Paarl growth has stagnated because of space the house is too small. Since Eugene has acquired a job with the local night shelter we no longer financial support him. The work has grown to the extent that a church structure has been built at the back of the house.

5. Trinity Baptist Fellowship – Khayaletisia (Godfery May)

Receive a stipend contribution from WPBA
This is one of our newer works started as a break away from Harare Baptist. The work is being Pastor by Pastor Godfery May. There is some growth but not enough to support the pastor yet.

6. Lawandle – Somerset West (Norman Kani)

Receive a stipend contribution from WPBA
This work was started and has been supported by the Somerset West Baptist church. Pastor Norman Kani is the new Pastor who has brought tremendous stability to the church. A Manse has been procured for the Pastor. The church has made a concerted effort to make meaningful contribution towards the Pastor’s stipend.

7. Khayelitsha Central – Khayelitsha (Sandi Sonteya)

Receive a stipend contribution from WPBA
The young pastor Sandlie has just completed his studies and moved into a densely populated part of Khayelitsha to start a brand new church plant. He started with his own family and one or two other folk. This work is brimming with potential

8. Zolani – Aston (Pastoral Vacancy)

This work has been going for a number of years support by the Great Commission Church. Since this work is in Ashton the distance has made it difficult to manage from the WPBA office. There is a church building but no Pastor the need for a Pastor is urgent.

9. Mufeleni – Mfuleni

This work has been going for a number of years with the support of the Great Commission Church. Since Pastor Bathwell moved to the Border the church went through a slump. Presently Pastor Wellington Tela is leading the work and they are growing The church meets in a Day Care Facility in an economically challenged community.

10. Makaza – Khayelitsha (Pastoral Vacancy)

A fairly large house was acquired that was incomplete. Since it had no inside walls it formed a large space for church gatherings. The building has been extended and can now seat at least 100 people. There is no pastor the leadership is doing a good job. But the calling of a Pastor will go a long way to the growth and stability of the work.

11. Illitha Park – Khayelitsha (Shipwe Gumende)

This church was started at the Learn to Earn centre in Khayleistia a number of years ago. The work was moved out of the centre and went through a lean period. The folk remain faithful in spite of the many challenges. Pastor Gumende is back serving the church and the work has taken on a new lease of life. They meet in a Day Care facility.

12. Thembalethu – George (Thembinkosi Rayi)

The George Baptist Church has supported this work for many years during the leadership of the former leader Pastor Masoka. Since he passed away the work has been surviving under the leadership of a few strong lay leaders. They have a church building Pastor Thembinkosi Rayi is the new Pastor he is taking them to the next level.

13. Zweletemba – Worcester (John Philip)

Receive a stipend contribution from WPBA
The church has been given a tremendous boast when their building was finally completed last year. They have been waiting for this to happen for more than 10 years the steel structure stood bare. They have as their Pastor Rev John Philip who is now leading the church.

14. Light House – Wallacedene (Jongikhaya Sawali)

Receive a stipend contribution from WPBA
The lay leaders kept the work going for a few years until Pastor Jongikhaya Sawali became their leader. Unfortunately all church groups using the local school for Sunday service were ask to leave. This means that they are without a place of worship. The church has been blessed with a church property which they acquired last year. They want to erect a temporary building so they can worship on their own property until they can raise enough funds to build a place of worship.